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  • Installation

Jahrgang: 1982

Geburtsort: Frankfurt am Main

Hueter’s sculptural objects are inspired by natural shapes, microbe bodies and the universe of amorphous organisms; however, his materials are made up of plastic waste and objects taken from the recovered substance cycle. Everyday objects turn into new forms of life. Freed from their original functionality, Hueter’s works of art develop their poetic charm as delicate resurrections - or as technical monsters, depending on how you look at it. Illuminated and in motion, they remind of flirting caterpillars celebrating cheerfully with their amphibious friends. Designing them as wall objects and steles, the artist evokes myths of earlier cultures and lends his structures the power of idols. They get their topical character by citing the primitive sculpture of indigenous African people when the artist addresses the handling of resources, living creatures and the Third World as a waste hoard.

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